How to change your IP address on iPhone

Learn how to change your IP address on your iPhone to cover your sequestration and access position-confined content.

Your iPhone’s public IP address identifies your device on the Internet. This is one web lamp that allows websites, big tech companies and governments to track you online. Companies and authorities can also limit the content you can pierce on your iPhone or computer based on your IP address.

We explain the different types of IP addresses, why you might need to change your iPhone’s public address, and how you can do it snappily and fluently for free.

What’s an IP address?

IP address stands for “ internet protocol address ”. It’s a string of figures that uniquely identifies every device connected to the internet.

There are two kinds of internet protocols with different number formats IPv4 and the newer IPv6. IPv6 was introduced substantially because the world is running out of IPv4 addresses.

While IPv6 addresses are sluggishly catching on, utmost internet service providers( ISPs) and mobile networks still use IPv4 addresses. So your iPhone will most probably have an IPv4 address that looks commodity like192.168.X.X or any other sequence of four figures.

Types of IP addresses

There are two types of IP address you may want to change on a connected device your public IP address and your original IP address.

Public IP address

Your public IP address is visible to anyone who wants to track you or circumscribe what you can pierce online. Every website you visit or service you use online will relate to your device using your public IP address.

When your iPhone is directly connected to the Internet via a cellular network, it has a public IP address assigned by your network driver.

For illustration, if your iPhone is in Wi- Fi mode and connected to your home network, it has the same public IP address as your Wi- Fi router. Your ISP assigns a public address to your router. All bias on a home Wi- Fi network have the same public address.

Original IP address

Your original IP address is the address your Wi- Fi router assigns to your device on a Wi- Fi network. It’s only visible online, so third parties can not use it to track you or circumscribe your online conditioning.

Find IP address on iPhone( iOS)

To see your public IP address on your iPhone or other connected device, visit a website There you’ll see

  • Your public IP address
  • The approximate position of the garçon you’re connected to
  • The name of your internet service provider still, then is how to find your original IP address,

If your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

1. Open Settings and valve Wi-Fi.

2. Tap the name of the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to.

3. Scroll down to the IPv4 Address section and you’ll see the IP address.

When your iPhone is connected to an IPv6-compatible network, it’ll also be assigned at least one IPv6 IP address. To view these IP addresses, tap an IP address under IPv6 address.

Why Change iPhone IP Address?

Because your iPhone’s original IP address is limited to your original Wi- Fi network, no bone
can use it to track your Internet exertion.

So changing it will not cover your sequestration or give you further freedom online. Rather, your public IP address is visible to everyone on the Internet. That is why you might want to change it.

Protect your privacy

Your IP address indicates your approximate physical position( at megacity position). It’s also one of the ways websites, big tech companies, hackers and governments can track you online, so it can make it harder for you to change it.

Use geo-blocked content

Authorities and companies use IP addresses to circumscribe access to content grounded on your position. You can bypass these restrictions by changing or hiding your public IP address.

Stream content overseas

Stream services use public IP addresses to limit the vacuity of content worldwide. By changing your IP address, you can continue to stream your favorite pictures and shows while traveling abroad.

Change the original IP address on iPhone

You can manually change your private original IP address in your iPhone settings.

To change your iPhone’s original IP address, follow these way.

1. Open Settings and valve Wi- Fi →( network name).

2. In the IPv4 address section, write your current IP address, subnet mask, and router. also valve Set IP.

3. Select Manual. also enter the new IP address in the Manual IP section and add the subnet mask and router.

Note that the first three integers of your new IP address must be the same as your router. Only the last number should change- choose a number between 1 and 256.

4. When you are done, valve Save in the top right corner.

You can only change your original IPv4 address in your iPhone settings. However, you need to acclimate the IPv6 settings of your router( if it supports it), If you want to change your original IPv6 address.

Change Public IP address on iPhone

When your iPhone is connected to a cellular network, its public IP address is assigned by the Internet service provider.

When you use Wi- Fi, your ISP generally assigns the IP address of the router you are connected to, which is also the public IP address of your iPhone.

There are several ways to change or hide the public IP address assigned by your mobile network or ISP.

Change your network

Connect to a new wireless network, similar as a public Wi- Fi hotspot, and your device will be assigned a new public IP address. But be sure to read the terms and conditions of all” free” Wi- Fi networks, as numerous make plutocrat by dealing your particular information.

Renew the modem

Turn off your home WiFi router, stay at least 10 seconds, and also turn it ago on. Your ISP may entrust a new public IP address to your network, although there’s no deal that it’ll work. Indeed if this is the case, you’ll presumably get another address in the same megacity.

communicate with your ISP

interrogate your ISP to revise your public IP address. They may not want to do this, and there are easier ways to revise your address, but this is one option you can try.

Connect via Tor

One type of deputy that gives you ultimate obscurity online is the Tor network, which you can pierce by inaugurating the Onion Cybersurfer app on your iPhone.

With Tor, your internet business is translated and routed through a global network of waiters, hiding your initial IP address. still, utilizing Tor significantly slows down the Internet and is only passed if you’re appearing for the loftiest position of obscurity.

Use a VPN

One of the easiest ways to revise your public IP address is to exercise a virtual private network( VPN). A VPN is a deputy garçon that creates an translated connection between your device and a devoted VPN garçon that also connects to the Internet.

Although utilizing a VPN is quick and ready, the VPN provider can know everything you do online, so it’s important to take a VPN you can trust.

Revise your IP address on iPhone fluently for free

The easiest and most secure expressway to revise your public IP address for free is to exercise Proton VPN.

Proton VPN is the only free VPN indulgence with no logs, data caps or celerity limitations, so you can exercise it as much as you want.

With Proton VPN, you can revise your iPhone’s public IP address for free

1. Join Proton VPN Free( if you do not formerly have a Proton account).

2. Install the Proton VPN app on your iPhone from the App Store.

3. Open the Proton VPN app and relate Instant Connect to get a new public IP address from one of our free waiters in the US, the Netherlands, or Japan. Or tap the authority actuator next to the country to elect the country manually.

After connecting, check your new public IP address. It looks like this

Changing an IP Address FAQs

Why does my IP address show off that I’m in another megacity?

utmost ISPs and cell phone carriers entrust blocks of public IP addresses to bias located in certain geographic areas. This means that your public IP address can show off where you’re at the position of your megacity or indeed exurb. But there’s no deal. An IP address can occasionally indicate that you’re in a fully nonidentical region or indeed a nonidentical country. still, you can know that you’re wherever the garçon is located, If you revise your IP address utilizing a VPN or other type of deputy.

Is it unlawful to revise my IP address?

generally not, no. Indeed in restrictive nations that do not want you to bypass their suppression systems, the use of delegates, VPNs and Tor is frequently blocked, but infrequently a crime.

Is it unlawful to revise my IP address to sluice content worldwide?

Changing your IP address to sluice content from everywhere isn’t unlawful. But you must be sure to follow the tours and conditions of the indulgence you’re utilizing.

For illustration, Netflix’s tours of indulgence enunciate ” Access to Netflix content is primarily in the country where you created your account and only in the geographic areas where we give our indulgence and where similar content is certified.”

So utilizing a VPN to watch unlicensed content is presently against Netflix’s programs. still, you’re allowed to view content that you have paid for that you can typically exercise at home.